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DOmino's pizza

The DVD turns into pizza.

Takeout pizza and a DVD are a natural fit for many. So Domino's Pizza in Brazil decided to combine the two in a campaign.

In partnership with ten video rental stores in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, rented DVDs were used as media. New release titles such as Argo, 007, Dread And Dark Knight were stamped with thermal ink and flavored varnish, both sensitive to the heat. While people were watching the movie, the heat of the DVD player affected the disc. When the movie ended and they ejected the disc, they saw and smelled pizza: the discs were printed to look like mini pies, and carried the message: "Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino's Pizza."

In this age of streaming video, the idea might seem a bit anachronistic. However, in Brazil, streaming services like Netflix and iTunes are relatively new, and for people with good social conditions. 


Le Creuset


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sou da paz ngo

Living in a home with a gun increases significantly the odds of death for the whole family. And not only accidental: the number of homicides and suicides goes higher as well. With a gun at home, anyone can become a target. 

To aware people about those risks, Sou da Paz, one of the most renowned NGO's against violence in Brazil, performed a promotional action at shooting ranges surprising the shooters at the end.






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Vodol Prevent Foot Care - Flip-flops parody campaign

Brazil is worldwide famous for its flip-flops. The campaigns are very unique for their artistic design and cool art direction with powerful shapes and colors.

Vodol Prevent Aerosol is a user-friendly and totally invisible foot care deodorant. So we made a parody of flip-flop posters by replacing their usual illustrations with handmade drawings of bacteria and foot fungus to capture the consumer's attention.