SmartBuy Wines is an online store selling quality wines at incredibly low prices. As such, the tagline “Great Wines at (barely) legal prices” was created and guided the brand positioning, entirely based on the underground world.

The Prohibition Days served as a reference to the brand identity, starting by the logo. The SmartBuy Wines graphic material was in keeping with the brand concept: from business cards to direct mailing, everything was disguised. Transportation packaging, for instance, appeared to have nothing to do with SmartBuy Wines. Disguised wine accessories were put up for sale on the website as well. Even a mysterious trapdoor was installed in some bars and restaurants with the intent of arousing the public’s curiosity and leading to the website.

Just a few weeks after the campaign was launched, SmartBuy Wines created a buzz on a wide range of sites and blogs. The brand managed to consolidate its positioning and the client’s sales goal was almost doubled. The average time spent by the customer on the website reached 5 minutes. During the campaign period, we got 10,000 unique visitors, more than 900 subscriptions to the website and over 300 new members of the SmartBuy Club. Even with a low-profile campaign, SmartBuy Wines managed to get greatly noticed. A boring category was shaken by a new competitor, which brought a new and fresh perspective to the market.